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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Elevate workplace safety standards with our cutting-edge fire safety products expertly crafted by Amna Enterprises.

From customized fire alarm systems to reliable fire extinguishers, efficient fire hydrants, and effective suppression systems, our top-notch solutions ensure a secure environment for your employees and customers without compromising on quality.

Trust in Amna Enterprises for high-quality fire safety products tailored to meet your specific needs and enhance safety protocols in your workplace. Prioritize safety and peace of mind with our comprehensive range of fire safety products designed to keep your workspace secure and protected.

Invest in the best, invest in Amna Enterprises for top-of-the-line fire safety solutions.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a crucial component in ensuring the safety of occupants in buildings by providing early warning in the event of a fire. It consists of mainly detector, sounders fire-rated cables, and manual call points. A well-designed fire alarm system is essential for safeguarding lives and property.

We Amna Enterprises provides you complete design, supply and installation of EN approved, LPCB/FM and UL listed compliant products (i.e. fire detection and alarm solution) tailored to their specific needs. Regular maintenance and compliance with regulatory standards further enhance the system’s effectiveness.

Fire Extinguisher System

A Fire Extinguisher system is a crucial component of fire safety in buildings karachi, vehicles, and various other environments. It provides a first line of defense against fires, enabling rapid response to incipient stage fires before they grow out of control.

In Amna Enterprises, we have complete range of Fire Extinguishers for all classes of Fires. We are providing services from designing to installation of Fire Extinguisher to our customers.

We are providing training to educational institutes, and other workplace to ensure the proper usage and understanding the types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hydrant/Sprinkler System

A fire hydrant system is a critical part of a building’s fire protection plan, designed to provide firefighters with a readily available source of water during emergencies. It includes Fire Pumps (UL & non-UL), Piping Network, Valves, Sprinklers and Fire Hoses.

Amna Enterprises specializes in design, supply and execution of all types of water based suppression/hydrant systems. We can provide supply and services of piping, valves, hose reels and related accessories systems as per ITM requirements of NFPA 25 so that it can be reliable and perform when most needed.

Fire Suppression System

A Fire Suppression System is designed to control and extinguish fires automatically, minimizing damage and increasing safety. These systems are essential in various settings, including industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

These systems are available in clean agents like (FM-200/Halotron) & CO2 gas are need to install where humas access is minimum. It is combination of detection and automatic suppression system.